Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Seasons Past Part 1, Issue 2010_02

I have been a lazy bull lately, but finally have gotten around to reissuing another Shu'Halo Life Magazine, this one from the "Seasons Past" three-part series.  Although the issue was put out in November of 2010, the screenshots are from my first years with Thunderhoof Clan.

Again, while there is no way for me to remember what text was included in the original run, I will try to put some caption to help describe the context.  If anyone has any additional comments on any of the shots, please feel free to add comments.

These were some great years for Thunderhoof, and while some characters are no longer with us, The Herd continues to write great history on VeCo on a daily basis.  The ones who have gone another path will be missed and remembered fondly.

Click on any of the pictures for the full-sized slideshow.

Enough of my jawin' - enjoy the walk through Thunderhoof History!


Taken before there was Old World Flying or a zeppelin to Org...

Nyimsava's Fishing & Storytelling Event

Having a break with an honorable enemy.

Killer Kitties

Patrolling the old Drag for hidden Alliance

The Ritual of The Earthmother, blessing each meeting.

The Chippenhoof Dancers at Aleria's bachelorette party

Into action at THUNDARENA!

It certainly doesn't smell like oats in there...

Meeting new friends

Let's see the Alliance deal with a Penguin Posse!

Osteroth:  The Naked Chef

The Herd and friends hit Black Temple

Security patrol, before WoW was in color

Assisting Blacktooth Grin

T-Bones March for All Hallow's Eve.  Lady Syl gives a great show!

DreadHorde sacking of Stromgarde

Kodiac on kodo

Nyimsava's last moments as a Night Elf

On the way to the first Azeroth 500

The DreadHorde prepares for an attack on Allied cities.

What happened to Goldilocks?


Fistfight with the Alliance during The Bridge Over Troubled Waters event

No, you go first.

The eve of battle

Flying out of Orgrimmar


Classic Raid Night success

Aiding the Darkspear

Pink and purple really aren't Herd colors.  Let's hit this Belf.

Assault on Theramore Isle


Raider Power

Taking the wind out of Stormwind

You shall not pass...

Wedding party!

Inspecting the troops


Rollin' rollin' rollin'

Waiting for the chest

Onward and upward!

Storytelling in the Ruins of Lordaeron

Kings of the Zeppelin

Merry Christmas, Pinkskins

Hunting Omen in Moonglade

Azeroth 500 post-race party

Cleaning up after a boss fight

Mustering in Grom'Gol

Margerie's Birthday shot

Until next time...FOR THE HERD!